Someone has brilliantly explained how Faf de Klerk can tackle anyone ANY size
By Rugby Onslaught

Someone has brilliantly explained how Faf de Klerk can tackle anyone ANY size

Someone has brilliantly worked out exactly how Springbok superstar Faf de Klerk uses a snake tackle technique to take down any opponent despite his size.

A video maker called The Contact Coach has brilliantly worked out a special method that the South African uses to tackle his opponents.

He goes into detail on the Sale Sharks scrum-half, portraying how he models his tackle technique on that of a snake striking at just the right time to bring down any opponent, no matter what their size is.

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Faf de Klerk made a name for himself in Rugby one of the best tacklers in the game despite being smaller than many of his opponents.

The video uses comparisons with a snake to show just how effective the tackle technique is.

The World Cup winner can be seen getting on his toes when the opposition gets near him, and then at the very last moment, he dips his body and strikes like a viper.

The video brilliantly explains how this technique is perfectly suited to his size and frame, something which we are sure all small players should take note of.

This tackle technique has helped him to take down some of the biggest players in world rugby.

Examples of this can be viewed in this video. This truly is some top-notch rugby analysis, we would recommend anyone to watch it.

There is one tackle in particular that he is known for and that is on England back-row Billy Vunipola. This tackle happened in the summer series in 2018 and it has since featured in many highlight reels. It isconsidered one of the ultimate small vs big guy tackles!