The shocking loophole that the Springboks exploited to win the World Cup final
By Rugby Onslaught

The shocking loophole that the Springboks exploited to win the World Cup final

Now, we always knew the Saffers were sneaky – but this takes it to another level!

This fantastic new video has just dropped from rugby creator ‘Wibble Rugby’ and it’s the latest in a series of analysis videos that have sent the internet into overdrive.

What a breakthrough he’s made in the last year

The 36-minute deep dive into last year’s World Cup final covers every angle of the Springboks 12-32 win in Yokahama.

This is easily one of the best analysis videos we’ve come across.

The forensic examination of the final pores over every element of South Africa’s triumph, from their mentality, to their tactics to even their tackle technique!

There was, however, one moment in this video that truly knocked our socks off.

It goes on to explain that the Saffers had one secret weapon in their armoury that they used to devastating effect against the men in white. What do you think? Was this a bit TOO sneaky?

Watch this segment of the video below…

The wonderfully detailed analysis goes on to explain how this secret weapon aided the South Africans at the most pivotal points in the match.

We always wondered how the Springboks managed to hold out for this long defending their own line.

Now we know!

This is the latest in a series of hit videos from the Wibble Rugby channel that has taken the internet by storm over this lockdown period. One of his recent videos, ‘How England beat the All Blacks’, sent social media into overdrive with it’s painstaking attention to detail covering every element of England’s win over the reigning champions.

If you’re at a loose end this weekend – we implore you to grab a glass of your favourite beverage and settle down to watch this brilliant video.

What do you think? Was exploiting this loophole a bit of Springbok genius or treachery?