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This clip sums up everything that is great about amateur rugby

This clip sums up everything that is great about amateur rugby

This clip gave us a good chuckle.

You won’t find hulking behemoths in this video, but what you will see, is average players absolutely tearing it up, and some hilariously bad defending.

This is why we love rugby. Just a bunch of normal blokes playing the game that they love, and when you have a camera on standby there’s always the chance that something like this will be caught on camera!

CREDIT: Raw Rugby

In other news: Jack Nowell vows to make this year’s performance in the final the best ever.

A year on from the heartbreak of losing out to the Londoners 27-10, the England and British Lions star wants redemption after Rob Baxter’s side booked their place in the final with a dominant 42-12 win over Northampton Saints at the weekend.

The Devonians advanced to the capital with a powerful six-try victory, which came hot on the heels of them finishing the regular season top of the pile for the second successive year, eight points clear of next-best Saracens.

But as Nowell was quick to stress post-match at Sandy Park, the Chiefs have won nothing for their seasonal efforts so far – and now they must ready themselves for their toughest assignment yet.

“Losing last year, feeling the hurt and looking around the changing room and seeing all the boys upset, crying, I sat there and realised the year ahead was going to be a different one,” said Nowell. “We haven’t worked so hard to put ourselves in this position to go and lose it again.

“If we compare it to that first year in the final when we lost, I think all of us were just happy to be there. We then won it the following year, which was amazing, and then we lost again last year and that hurt a lot. Not just in my Chiefs career but playing rugby, that defeat was the worst and I came away thinking I don’t ever want to feel like that again.”

It’s a feeling that many others within the Chiefs ranks have expressed, particularly in recent weeks, and now they are ready to right the wrongs.