This simple act of kindness from Nigel Owens is amazing rugby fans around the World
By Rugby Onslaught

This simple act of kindness from Nigel Owens is amazing rugby fans around the World

Nigel Owens is known by many rugby fans as one of the greatest, if not the greatest rugby referee that there has ever been. This simple but incredible act of kindness by him has taken rugby fans by storm.

In a PRO 14 match between Bennetton and Glasgow Warriors, veteran prop Petrus du Plessis broke his nose. The break on his nose looked nasty to say the least.

What amazed everyone was when the referee offered to help du Plessis when he was oosing blood from his broken nose.

The 38-year-old Glasgow prop posted this on his social media after the break…

That break was pretty average for prop standards, who call this kind of injury a little knock. Backs would be on the slab after a hit like this.

What truly was amazing in this clip was that Petrus du Plessis was gushing a lot of blood from his nose when he broke his nose.

The game paused for a lineout and the Welsh referee spotted that the prop was struggling. Owens, being the standout human that he was instantly offered to let the prop rub the blood from his nose on the back of his shirt.

The commentators during the match instantly remarked about how this was brilliant sportsmanship from him.


The Prop posted the clip of the referee helping him yesterday with the caption…

This is why we love rugby…! In great spirit
offered me his shirt to speed up the game! What a gentleman! 🤧

The clip has already amassed 188,000 views online after he posted his…

Rugby fans were giving his a lot of love online:

  • That’s exactly why @Nigelrefowens is the best RFU referee in the world. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
  • Nigel is an absolute shining light in the game. A fantastic referee and human being.
  • @Nigelrefowens gets a raw deal off some English fans & Rugby fans in general but i gotta admit i like him keep being you Nigel.
  • Don’t know why Nige divides opinion. Still the best out there. Wayne Barnes too and if you haven’t heard Joy Neville is going to top them all.

Here is the clip of the incredible act of kindness by Nigel Owens, best referee in the World!