A viral video is taking South Africa by storm this evening
By Rugby Onslaught

A viral video is taking South Africa by storm this evening

For goodness sake South Africans – is it ever your team’s fault when you lose? Apparently not.

You can set your clock around the regularity of Springbok fans whinging about decisions.

For the record, we think Paul Williams had a pretty good game today. Of course that’s not a view shared by our friends in South Africa.

TAS Analytics are a great example. It’s a really good YT account and they make fair points at times. The problem is that they apparently only recognise refereeing mistakes when the decisions favour the Springboks’ opponents.

He wrote on his Youtube: ‘Todays game in The Rugby Championship between South Africa and Australia, was one of the worst and most one sided refereeing I have ever seen. Where to start?

“Paul Williams was absolutely horrendous with his consistency. The way he handled the rucks was just plain horrible.

“The sad part about this is that quite a few of these decisions actually resulted in points for Australia in also took points away from South Africa. So, I’ll say it again. This results was influenced by bad officiating. If South Africa had any other game, we win that with no sweat.

“Also it is ridiculous how Marika Koroibete gets praised for his performance when he landed three cheap shots to South African players. On three occasions he lowered his shoulder and dived recklessly at South African players.”

Apparently, the Springboks never infringe and get away with it. EVER. The South Africans are even claiming Faf de Klerk’s brutal assault on Nic White didn’t deserve a yellow card.

We agree. It should have been RED!

Nienaber agrees with us of course. How do we know? He refused the blame the ref after the game. He was probably too busy blaming himself.


Class act. Even better than our man Ian Foster.

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