Wallabies post backfires as ultra dangerous tackle by serial offender is spotted
By Rugby Onslaught

Wallabies post backfires as ultra dangerous tackle by serial offender is spotted

Ask any South Africa fans about Wallaby Marika Koroibete’s tackling, and they would probably have a few choice words to say about the winger. Now Argentinians can be added to that list as well.

The 31-year-old has had a fair few controversial moments across his career due to his tackling and his apparent reluctance to wrap his arms, particularly when making a cover tackle. Springboks winger Makazole Mapimpi found that out last year in a now infamous fashion, and the Pumas’ Rodrigo Isgro can empathise.

The Argentine found himself being smashed by Koroibete in dubious style in their recent win over the Wallabies. The strangest thing about the entire incident is that the Wallabies actually shared the clip on Twitter (now X) praising Koroibete. That backfired somewhat, with fans flocking to social media to question his tackle technique yet again. Here are some of the comments:

“Highlighting and defending a non wrap tackle… It seems Eddie has more worries off the pitch as-well as on.” 

“I mean, thanks for drawing our attention to his illegal tackling technique, but it sounds like you’re celebrating it?”

“Looks to me like a no arms tackle – wouldn’t be proud of that if I was you.”

“That’s a penalty try and a card…. Being celebrated by the official Wobblies account… Aussies are straight out cheats. Every sport.”

“Another no arms tackle. Just Marika doing what Marika does – nothing to see folks.”

“Apart from the obvious no-arms tackle (penalty try & yellow card), his head is on the wrong side. Might use this video to demonstrate to my under-13s team how not to tackle.”

“This guy will never change because he never gets punished illegal tackle every week.”

“He’s getting so many red cards in the world cup with reckless tackles like that. Great to see you celebrating it, so he’ll keep on doing it.”

Take a look at the tackle and the comments below: