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Welsh fan is going viral online after giving homeless man the best gift in rugby
By Rugby Onslaught

Welsh fan is going viral online after giving homeless man the best gift in rugby

A homeless man experienced the best gift in rugby after a rugby fan spotted him before the Wales vs Italy match in Cardiff.


Last Saturday, Jonathan Morgan and a group of his friends found themselves with a spare ticket to the Six Nations 2020 clash. There were seven fans but a last-minute cancellation which left the group with six.

The group spotted a homeless man on the streets of Cardiff and decided, rather than try to sell it, why don’t they give it to a homeless man.

Wales Online spoke to the Welsh fan  about the incredible story…

Jonathan, 50, said: “It was a group of us going to the rugby.

“One of the boys couldn’t go, so we had his ticket.

“I said we should give it to someone who’s homeless.”


When they were walking to the stadium the group spotted a man sat just outside the stadium. They offered him the ticket and he gladly accepted their generous gift.

“As we were walking to the game, he was just sitting there.

“Just before the anthem, he came in.”

The daughter of Jonathan posted a tweet praising his dad for his act of kindness. The tweet has already  garnered 5,000 retweets and 75,000 likes.


She wrote: “Couldn’t be prouder of my dad. At the Wales vs Italy match he had a spare ticket and met a homeless man on the street who he gave the ticket to… made this man’s year and said it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him! The smile says it all”.

It’s posts like this that really help t capture the spirit of the Rugby World and it’s amazing to know that the sport of rugby can bring so much happiness to a person.

This truly is the spirt of rugby on show! We love rugby!