Richie McCaw in disbelief as Irish manhandle NZ
By Rugby Onslaught

Richie McCaw in disbelief as Irish manhandle NZ

A brutal new video showing Irish physicality shows why they can still win series against the New Zealand All Blacks and it also features Richie McCaw.

Ireland may have lost the game but they easily dominated the All Blacks in the physicality stakes. It was like watching men play against boys at times.

Sam Cane was no match for Josh van der Flier, who wiped his face with him and threw him away like a used up paper napkin at five year old’s birthday paper. Too easy!

It was difficult for viewers to watch Richie McCaw, the greatest player of all time, have to sit through this garbage from the All Blacks.

McCaw was clearly shook and could be seen chewing his nails in the crowd. If McCaw flew onto the pitch with a helicopter and threw on a jersey, he’d probably still do a better job, even if he is 49 or whatever.

Of course the All Blacks also have Plan B in the sleeve if they are getting smashed up front – return to sneaky plays.

Sevu Reece’s intercept was a case in point. Ireland were about to score when Reece got onto a loose pass and ran the field. Hardly a hard-fought try was it Sevu?

They also had a couple of tries where the players kicked the ball in behind the Irish defence. Another bit of a cop-out play for teams that can’t handle the rough stuff up front.

They’re the type of All Blacks moves that bring dishonour to the black jersey.

What’s interesting is that what will Ian Foster’s team do when they have to play the Springboks. The Boks will tear this team apart in the Rugby Championship, given how easily Ireland did it in Auckland last weekend.

It’s sad to see the All Blacks this weak and frail. A once-mighty team on its knees.

Watch the vision if you don’t believe us.

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