Apart from cheating, what does it take to be a great All Black?
By Rugby Onslaught

Apart from cheating, what does it take to be a great All Black?

All Blacks legends from past and present have recently shed some light on what it takes to be a great All Black.

Players ranging from Sean Fitzpatrick to Aaron Smith, to great coaches like Steve Hansen shared what they think it takes. Of course, a list like this would not be complete with Richie McCaw, who also provided his insight. It’s all very powerful stuff, but very little about having a referee that turns a blind eye to the offside law…

McCaw said: “A great All Blacks I don’t think is ever satisfied with where they’re at. You’re at the top of your game every single time you go out there.

“The people that think just getting in the team is good enough, they’re the ones that just come and go. But the guys that get there and actually go ‘right, now I’m here it’s what I do from here that will determine what my legacy is.’

“When they’re consistently good, they get opportunities to actually have an influence on the game. So it might be one or two things, but they don’t miss those opportunities. They’re the ones that are talked about after years have gone by, they’re put in that sort of category.”