BBC interview turns awkward when interviewers ask him why he acts like such a troll
By Rugby Onslaught

BBC interview turns awkward when interviewers ask him why he acts like such a troll

A BBC interview between Eddie Jones and Sonja Mclaughlan turned awkward from the off as she asked him why he acts like such a troll in his press conferences.

Eddie Jones has made a name for himself in the rugby World for his strange remarks at press conferences. It sometimes seems like he does it just to annoy the opposition.

The Scottish presenter opened the interview with “Why do you say the things that you say”, and the tone of the interviee almost instantly changed…

Here is the full interview that the BBC put on their social media today. The caption for the video was, “Interviewing the England coach done right.”

Eddie Jones seemed pretty dumbfounded by this line of questioning, as Sonia continued tp push Eddie Jones on why he acts in the way that he does.

She asked him why he doesn’t act like a ‘straight bat’ in press conference like other coaches do. In true Eddie Jones fashion, the Australian head coach then decided to act ‘straight bat’ for the rest of the interview which makes for an awkward watch.

People online like the approach that she took…

  • Brilliant  @Sonjamclaughlan
  • Brilliant job @Sonjamclaughlan
  • Good questioning….gently and politely probing and getting an answer to a question that most have wondered about
  • She’s done really well there, most would have given up. Almost went wrong! Well done.

Others were not as happy with the style of interview that was taken…

  • Sounded more like a police interrogation than an interview. The ‘interview’ and ‘interviewer’ were a disgrace!
  • Yes, sack the man who made England a legitimate threat and world championship contender for the first time since 2003 because he lost 1 game to an unpredictable French team. He’s not a troll you’re the troll!

By the end Eddie Jones simply responded with the comment, because I enjoy it, which does say a lot about Eddie Jones and his style of coaching for England.