Bizarrely casual Wallaby came extremely close to ruining Brumbies' season
By Rugby Onslaught

Bizarrely casual Wallaby came extremely close to ruining Brumbies’ season

You can just imagine the scenes if the Brumbies’ Tom Wright did what he did on Saturday in the Super Rugby Pacific semi-final against the Chiefs in the gold of a Wallabies shirt- head coach Eddie Jones would be somewhere in the stadium smashing everything in sight and preparing to launch a verbal, and possibly physical, onslaught on the fullback.

Wright is lucky that he only had this brain fade in a Brumbies shirt, and he is even more lucky that it did not cost his team anything. The moment came in the final play of the first half, as the Chiefs were held up over the Brumbies’ line. This resulted in a goal line drop out for the visitors in Hamilton, and scrum-half Nic White threw the ball to Wright to do the honours and try and either kick the ball deep or drill the ball into touch.

What happened instead was Wright produced the most feeble, short and aimless kick imaginable, which went straight into the hands of winger Emoni Narawa only ten metres out. Two minutes later and the whistle was being blown for half time with the scores unchanged after some great defence from the Australian outfit. Had they conceded, it is unlikely that Wright would have made it back onto the pitch for the second half alive.

Take a look at the incident: