Bok fans' obsession with Nic Berry is now actually disturbing after latest video
By Rugby Onslaught

Bok fans’ obsession with Nic Berry is now actually disturbing after latest video

Another week, another video criticising Nic Berry from South Africa, now meaning about 99.9% of of the Internet is filled with bitter Bok fans complaining.

This time it was the Australian’s refereeing performance in the opening match of Super Rugby Pacific between New South Wales Waratahs and Fijian Drua. A dangerous clear-out from Drua prop Jone Koroiduadua has enraged TAS Analytics, who has released another video launching at Berry.

This is what was written: “Here we go again with the hypocrisy of World Rugby and how bad they are at judging dangerous play. In this incident, we see a Fiji player Piledriving a Waratahs player into the ruck, head first. This could’ve easily resulted in a life threatening injury. To make it worse, this was clearly intention and reckless by the Fiji player. So here is my question to World Rugby and all the officiating apologists. How is this more dangerous than an accidental head clash? Please explain that logic to me. How does Grant Williams get a Red Card for perfect tackling technique, but accidentally clashing heads with the ball carrier, but this Fiji player recklessly and intentionally piledrives a Waratahs player into the ruck head first, and he only gets yellow carded.

“How does Grant Williams get a 4 week ban for a rugby tackle, and this Fiji player escapes with a yellow card. How is that consistent?

“Don’t get me started on Nic Berry who again is not fit to be a referee in the professional game. He misses a clear knock on, that his AR even indicated to him. Allows play to continue which results in this. Then after this incident happens, he comes to the conclusion that this is only a yellow card. Why does a coach have to apologize for pointing out how bad Nic Berry is, but Nic Berry gets to cry and gets special treatment despite messing up every single game. How is that good for the game of rugby?”