'Come on guys, please': Bok pundit cannot cope with England pack's antics
By Rugby Onslaught

‘Come on guys, please’: Bok pundit cannot cope with England pack’s antics

England have not had too much to cheer about over the last year, but when they do it looks as though they have got under the skin of former South Africa assistant coach Swys de Bruin.

The whooping and hollering that comes out of the England pack whenever they win a penalty at a ruck, maul or scrum is nothing new, but they seemed to be turbo charged on Saturday against Wales at Twickenham, with Maro Itoje and Ben Earl leading the charge.

England are clearly doing it to get into the head of their opposition, which is highly likely seeing as they are getting into the heads of people watching at home.

This all came about after England beat Wales in London 19-17, although when your team are down to 12 men as England were at one point, you are entitled to celebrate any small victory. Ironically, the celebration for the try they scored was actually fairly subdued.

“I’m not impressed,” de Bruin recently said on SuperSport. “And the one thing about that England side I’ve got to get off my chest what irritates me, every ruck, every maul when they do a turnover or they scrum for a penalty, they give high fives and cheer like they’ve won the bloody World Cup. Relax guys, it’s just a moment in the game. So if that is their thing, it’s not going well with me. Call me old school, but please man I can’t have celebrations on every small little victory.

“There’s a difference if I say to Jono ‘well done, you did well’. But this, every time I think ‘what the hell happened? Oh no it was a penalty.’ It’s a scrum, it’s a legal penalty in their favour. All eight of their forwards go crazy. Come on guys, please man.

“Listen, celebrate on a try. A good try. A counter attack try. Lekker! That’s good.”

Take a look at what de Bruin said: