Eddie Jones reveals the only time he properly lost it in an England rugby press conference
By Rugby Onslaught

Eddie Jones reveals the only time he properly lost it in an England rugby press conference

Eddie Jones, the England rugby coach has revealed the only time that he properly lost his composure during a press conference for the England team.

Jones spoke openly about the time he got properly agitated on James Haskell’s what a flanker podcast.

The England coach used to work very closely with Haskell before he retired from rugby in 2018 after a brief stint at Northampton Saints.

The Australian has had a prickly relationship with the media in England since he joined in late 2015.

He has been notorious for playing mind games with his opposition through through the media, and he has never really lost his cool, apart from on one occasion.

Back in June, 2018, England was under pressure from Gallagher Premiership clubs over players getting injured in training camps. Bath Rugby chairman Bruce Craig called out Eddie Jones’ training tactics after prop Beno Obano was injured in their training camp at Australia.

Jones has now revealed on the podcast that this is one of the moments that really agitated him.

“I can get agitated at a press conference, so I lost it with that one about Bruce Craig, but I had it with that line in my head, and I thought it was a great line and I wanted to use it, and then someone got under my skin at the press conference, and I thought, ‘I’m going to get in trouble so I might as well go for it.”

We found a clip which someone made which shows the moment he appears to have lost his cool in the press conference.

We highly recommend you watch the full episode if you get the chance.

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