Eddie Jones unusually diplomatic when facing Ashes question
By Rugby Onslaught

Eddie Jones unusually diplomatic when facing Ashes question

Eddie Jones has never been one to shy away from giving his opinion on matters, regardless of how much trouble it gets him into.

However, he was posed a question recently that seemed to flummox him completely. Joining as a guest on BBC Radio 5 Live, the Australian was asked who he will be supporting in the upcoming Ashes series, which starts tomorrow.

“Whoever plays the best cricket, mate,” he said, trying to get out of giving a straight answer. But an answer was eventually prised out of him.

“I’m an Australian, so I’ve got to support the Aussies in the Ashes.”

After nailing his colours to the mast, he imparted some advice he would give to the England cricket team from his time in rugby, both as coach of England and Australia, whilst also providing an Australia perspective.

“Certainly coaching England against Australia, the one thing you know about the Aussies, they want to get on the front foot all the time. We’re aggressive by nature, and you’ve got to fight fire with fire, you’ve got to get on the front foot early and show them you’re in this game and you’re going to compete as hard as they are. And we’ve tried to do that in the games we’ve played against Australia in rugby.”

Listen to the interview:

As England coach, Jones has an immaculate record of eight wins and zero losses against the Wallabies, including a 32-15 win at Twickenham a matter of weeks ago, so he obviously knows a thing or two about overcoming his native country.