England and South Africa responses to winning their World Cup semi finals games shows why Springboks won
By Rugby Onslaught

England and South Africa responses to winning their World Cup semi finals games shows why Springboks won

Footage of England and South Africa’s reactions to winning their World Cup semi finals matches speaks volume about why the Springboks won the final.

In footage showing the team’s reaction directly after the final whistle, you can see a clear contrast in the way in which both teams celebrated their victories.

South Africa won the World Cup in emphatic fashion. So much so that it now seems they are becoming more than just a global brand. a leaked Man Utd design for their new kit shows how they seem to be adopting Springbok colours!


We looked through videos of both teams as the final whistle went in the semi-finals matches. We were shocked to see how both teams could react so differently to winning a match.

It tells us a lot about why South Africa would go on to win.

On review of the final whistle scenes of both games, we simply have to agree.

If we look at the final whistle scenes as England defeated New Zealand, there was no massive cheering, screaming or air punching from the men in white.

From this clip, Henry Slade appears to be the only exception.

There is almost a neutral emotion from the English players here. This looked like a team that had put everything that they had into this game. Everything. They would have nothing left in the tank to beat South Africa the weak after…

If you contrast that with the reaction of the South African team on the final whistle. It is almost entirely different.

The South Africans, as the host on GMB said, acted as they had already won the World Cup.

We understand that the game between Wales and South Africa was a far closer affair, but there didn’t appear to be that same calm manner from the men in green.

Look at the reaction from the South African team on the full-time whistle and see the contrast.

South Africa had to fight battle after battle to get to the final, by the time they faced England in the final, they were ready to finish the job.

Now we understand that this may be reading into this too much.

If the England vs New Zealand affair had been far closer then we would have probably seen bigger celebrations. This was still massively impressive to see and interesting from both perspectives.

We invite South Africans fans to comment on this as we may very well be wrong about this. We thought this spoke volumes.

These World Cup semi finals say so much!