England to start 13 players against Japan
By Rugby Onslaught

England to start 13 players against Japan

Genius England head coach Steve Borthwick is poised to make an unprecedented move in their upcoming Rugby World Cup clash against Japan, as they plan to field just 13 players. This unconventional decision, slated for the future, arises from a confluence of tactical considerations and injury setbacks.

The simple truth is that England players are so bad, that starting with less of them is actually an advantage.

The move has been endorsed by rugby league enthusiast Owen Farrell, who has been trying to reduce England teams to less than 15 for the entirety of his career, usually by trying to have himself red carded.

In the face of key players sidelined due to injuries, England’s coaching staff is gearing up for an audacious strategy. Reducing the team size to 13 players is a high-stakes gamble, with the intent to exploit rugby’s unique rules. The absence of two players is expected to create open spaces on the field, affording England the opportunity to embrace a lightning-fast, fluid style of play, which they hope will take Japan by surprise. The implementation of this daring tactic will hinge on flawless execution and precise decision-making, as players will need to cover more ground.

Furthermore, this maneuver will place immense pressure on England’s defensive capabilities, as they will have fewer resources to tackle and thwart Japan’s formidable offensive threats. The future will see whether their precision, agility, and communication can withstand this challenging strategy.


England’s choice to play with just 13 players is set to challenge rugby conventions and potentially redefine tactics for future matches. It’s a testament to their adaptability and determination in the face of adversity, and the rugby world eagerly anticipates whether this bold move will secure them victory or etch their name in the annals of¬†rugby¬†history.