Entire rugby world bitterly accept Borthwick's RWC-winning masterplan is working
By Rugby Onslaught

Entire rugby world bitterly accept Borthwick’s RWC-winning masterplan is working

The rugby world laughed at Rugby Onslaught when we said that Steve Borthwick clearly had a genius World Cup winning masterplan. Well who’s laughing now.

As England plodded through August, finding a new and innovative way to reach a new low with every week that passed, it became abundantly clear that Borthwick was playing his cards close to his chest. Admittedly, it looked at times that the cards were so close to his chest that they were lodged about half a foot into his ribcage, but that only means he is a true master of deception.

Following the win over Argentina in Marseille, England have a 100% record at this World Cup and the rugby world are begrudgingly accepting that they were fooled by Borthwick’s poker face.

Now Borthwick knew from the start that the establishment weren’t going to let England reach the World Cup final. After all, how could they let one team reach half the finals of one competition? He knew referees would do everything to stop them.

The England boss could have released a video about the refereeing of his team so long and convincing that it would have made Rassie Erasmus’ infamous film look like a TikTok video. But no, instead he just worked a way around it. He knew referees would be throwing cards at England like confetti at this World Cup, so there was no better way to prepare for it than playing with 14-players throughout August. That is why England captain Owen Farrell got himself sent off, that is why their only No8 Billy Vunipola got himself sent off- they knew what was coming. Lo and behold, within three minutes of the match Tom Curry was sent off.

England are now so well versed with playing with 14 players that they probably won’t know what to do when they have the full complement of players. That pretty much explains the loss to Fiji. The next step is working out how to play with 15 players for those rare occasions there isn’t a red card and they’re golden.

Take a look at their performance against Argentina: