Etzebeth gets free pass after abysmal incident due to fan pressure
By Rugby Onslaught

Etzebeth gets free pass after abysmal incident due to fan pressure

In the crucial pool B match at the Rugby World Cup, tensions ran high as the Springboks faced a potential disaster. Eben Etzebeth, known for his uncompromising style of play, found himself in a precarious situation.

Charles Piutau, Tonga’s star full-back, went for a high ball, and Etzebeth, in a moment of reckless aggression, plowed into him with a headshot.

The stadium held its collective breath as the referee assessed the incident. The consequences were dire: if Etzebeth received a red card, the Springboks would be on the brink of elimination from the tournament. The replay was scrutinized from multiple angles, and the crowd’s anxiety was palpable.

Referee Luke Pearce, after consulting with the TMO, decided it was only a penalty against Etzebeth. The decision shocked many, but it allowed South Africa to maintain a numerical advantage on the field that they didn’t deserve, preventing them from losing their grip on the match.

As the game resumed, the Springboks rallied, seizing the opportunity presented by Etzebeth’s reprieve. They held on for a narrow victory, securing their place in the knockout stage of the Rugby World Cup. The controversial call left pundits and fans debating, but for South Africa, it will surely become a pivotal moment on their journey to the tournament’s later stages.

Presumably all the Springbok fan accounts will be making videos about this disgraceful dog act from Etzebeth? Because they are objection of course and are only interested in the truth?