Everything we know about rugby literally turned on its head
By Rugby Onslaught

Everything we know about rugby literally turned on its head

Some things run against the established order of nature and in rugby, a front-rower being manhandled by a centre fits squarely into that category.

Video has emerged of exactly that and it’s absolutely disturbing.

Former France centre Sofiane Guitoune lifted 104kg Yohan Beheregaray out a ruck like he was a bag of shopping, and not even the heaviest one that you leave the missus to take in because of your bad back. No, more akin to one the one with toilet roll and a large bag of pasta.

It was that easy.

Watch the vision as Michael Cheika would say.

It is a common stereotype that forwards in rugby union are generally much heavier, stronger, and more manly than backs. However, it is important to note that this is a stereotype and not necessarily true for all players.

There are some forwards who are smaller and more agile, while there are also some backs who are larger and more physical. It is also worth noting that size and strength are not the only factors that determine a player’s ability in rugby union. Other important qualities for both forwards and backs include speed, agility, technique, and tactics.

That being said, it is true that forwards generally tend to be larger and stronger than backs. This is because forwards are typically responsible for the physical aspects of the game, such as scrummaging, rucking, and mauling. These activities require a lot of strength and power, and so forwards may be bigger and stronger to better handle these tasks. Backs, on the other hand, are usually responsible for more attacking and defensive duties, and may therefore be leaner and more agile to better facilitate these roles.

It is also worth noting that rugby union is a very physical sport, and all players need to be fit, strong, and resilient to be successful. While there may be some differences in size and strength between forwards and backs, it is important to recognize that both are essential to the game and require a high level of skill and athleticism.