Faf de Klerk levels up with craziest assist of his career
By Rugby Onslaught

Faf de Klerk levels up with craziest assist of his career

Faf de Klerk is making his time in Japan look ridiculously easy at the moment, as his side, the Yokohama Canon Eagles, sit in fourth place in Japan Rugby League One.

A week after managing to get an assist while almost upside-down, the South Africa scrum-half added a new entry to his list of outlandish assists. This time the World Cup winner actually opted to roll the ball along the ground to set up a try for centre Yusuke Kajimura in his side’s 39-7 win over Toyota Verblitz.

At first it looks like de Klerk has just fumbled the ball, but a second look shows that the only way he could get the ball past the player blocking the line of his pass was to go under them. It was not the cleanest piece of play, but whenever the ball hits the deck on a rugby pitch all defensive structure seems to go out the window and that is undoubtedly what happened there.

Kajimura actually had to turn back to pick up the ball but was still ahead of three defenders who had raced past. That gave him a fairly easy run to the line in what was a bizarre try and further proof that everything de Klerk touches at the moment turns to gold.

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