Faf de Klerk masterminds never-before-seen tap move
By Rugby Onslaught

Faf de Klerk masterminds never-before-seen tap move

If the ball ever goes to ground during play, it basically signals the end to any structure or organisation amongst the defence, as all hell breaks loose. With that in mind, the Yokohama Canon Eagles used that to their advantage in Japan Rugby League One on Saturday.

The move saw three South African link up in a strange way from a tap and go five metres out from the Saitama Wild Knights’ line.

Lock Kobus van Dyk started the move by tapping the ball and running about two metres before placing it on the ground. With his support players running in one direction, Faf de Klerk swoops in behind and picks the ball up and ships the ball to fullback SP Marais who went in for the try. It was a genius, if not bizarre looking try.

Despite this piece of magic, the Canon Eagles lost 21-19, leaving them in fifth place in the league while the Wild Knights sit at the top.

Take a look at the try: