Fijian powerhouse who's been taking names in attack and defence this season
By Rugby Onslaught

Fijian powerhouse who’s been taking names in attack and defence this season

Though Castres failed to make it to the round of 16 in the Heineken Champions Cup this season, that is not to say that they did not cause plenty of damage while trying, as winger Filipo Nakosi treated the four rounds they played as a chance to marmalize as many players as possible.

The Fijian’s exploits with ball in hand have been well documented this season, whether it was punishing Harlequins’ loose kicking in round one, leaving a string of Munster would-be tacklers on their backside in round three or once again tormenting Quins in round four, both sides will be glad to have seen the back of him. However, he is equally as terrifying in defence as well.

Quins wing Louis Lynagh will certainly attest that it is not a nice experience having to stand opposite Nakosi, and there is absolutely no respite. Lynagh may have thought that running into the Fijian was surely not as bad as the Fijian running at him, but he was proved wrong at the Stoop last Friday as Nakosi, alongside his centre Andrea Cocagi, smashed him unceremoniously into touch.

Take a look at the tackle (at 0:14):

Here are more cases of Nakosi wreaking havoc this season in the Champions Cup:

15 Nick David
14 Louis Lynagh
13 Huw Jones
12 Andre Esterhuizen
11 Cadan Murley
10 Tommy Allan
9 Scott Steele
1 Joe Marler
2 Jack Musk
3 Simon Kerrod
4 Dino Lamb
5 Hugh Tizard
6 Vilami Taulani
7 Luke Wallace
8 Alex Dombrandt

16 Sam Riley
17 Santiago Garcia Botta
18 Mak Wilson
19 George Hammond
20 Archie White
21 Lewis Gjaltema
22 Marcus Smith
23 Joe Marchant

15 Thomas Larregain
14 Antoine Zeghdar
13 Pierre Aguillon
12 Andrea Cocagi
11 Filipo Nakosi
10 Ben Botica
9 Rory Kockott
1 Antoine Tichit
2 Gaetan Barlot
3 Antoine Guillamon
4 Florent Vanverberghe
5 Jack Whetton
6 Nick Champion De Crespigny
7 Mateaki Kafatolu
8 Kevin Kornath

16 Paula Ngauamo
17 Julius Nostadt
18 Matthew Tierney
19 Theo Hannoyer
20 Josaia Raisuge
21 Jeremy Fernandez
22 Louis Le Brun
23 Vilimoni Botitu