Former Test captain slams bizarre Dan Biggar decision in Wales win
By Rugby Onslaught

Former Test captain slams bizarre Dan Biggar decision in Wales win

Dan Biggar’s match-winning drop goal against Scotland today bizarrely did not prove to be too popular amongst the Welsh public.

The Wales captain kicked the field goal in the final quarter to seal a memorable 20-17 win, but the reason why he faced a lot of criticism online is that Wales had the advantage at that point. Wales already had a penalty advantage from a very kickable position, but rather than go for the try, Biggar opted for the drop goal.

This is a gripe that many spectators have in the game, as Wales were in a situation whereby they were going to score three points even if they failed in their try attempt. They were going to get three points anyway, so why not go for the try knowing effectively nothing can go wrong?

Worse still, Finn Russell had been yellow carded a few minutes before and instead of kicking the penalty, Biggar opted to kick for the corner, as he did again. But taking the drop goal meant Wales just wasted a few minutes of Russell’s yellow just to get three points, which they could have got immediately after his yellow. All round bizarre.

While there were many fans that criticised Biggar for that decision, there were some defending him. Well, former Canada captain Al Charron had something to say to those people. He wrote: “All these people on here who are defending the decision to go for the drop goal by Biggar would have been all over him should Scotland have marched down & scored a try & snatched a win. Wales should have had a go at the try (5 or7 pts)with advantage being played by the referee…”

If you were confused by this decision by the Welsh No10, you can be comforted in knowing that a former Test captain agrees with you.

Of course, that decision did not come back to haunt Wales, but it could at some point in the future.