Friendly fire from 145kg Uini Atonio leaves teammate in agony
By Rugby Onslaught

Friendly fire from 145kg Uini Atonio leaves teammate in agony

What Uini Atonio was doing, we do not know, but his La Rochelle teammate Paul Boudehent will probably live in fear of the France tighthead from now on.

After scoring the opening try of the match from a driving maul on Saturday against Bayonne, Atonio congratulated his fellow teammates, including flanker Boudehent, which seemed harmless. However, he then decided to back hand him in a place that no man wants to hit.

It is not entirely clear what the 145kg prop was doing, maybe he was trying to pat him on the chest, but he definitely missed, leaving Boudehent bent over gasping. Atonio’s arms are probably the weight of a battering ram, so there aren’t many players in the game someone would want to receive some friendly fire from less.

To make matters worse for the flanker, his side lost 29-13 at the Stade Jean-Dauger.

Take a look:

Bayonne XV: 15. Germain ; 14. Hannoun, 13. Maqala, 12. David, 11. Baget ; 10. Lopez (cap.), 9. Machenaud ; 7. Amosa, 8. Cassiem, 6. Huguet; 5. Ceyte, 4. Leindekar; 3. Cotet , 2. Bosch, 1. Cormenier.
Replacements: 16. Van Jaarsveld, 17. Béthune, 18. Mikautadze , 19. Kafatolu, 20. Rouet , 21. Robertson, 22. Martocq, 23. Scholtz.

La Rochelle XV: 15. Leyds; 14. Thomas, 13. Pi. Boudehent, 12. Botia, 11. Favre; 10. Seuteni, 9. Kerr -Barlow; 7. Pa. Boudehent, 8. Tanga-Mangene, 6. Dillane; 5. Skelton, 4. Sazy (cap.); 3. Atonio , 2. Lespiaucq-Brettes, 1. Aouf.
Replacements: 16. Bourgarit, 17. Wardi, 18. Picquette, 19. Bourdeau, 20. Berjon, 21. Le Bail, 22. Alonso Munoz, 23. Sclavi.