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Gregor Townsend reveals all about Finn Russell drama in explosive announcement video
By Rugby Onslaught

Gregor Townsend reveals all about Finn Russell drama in explosive announcement video

Scotland coach Gregor Townsend has finally spoken clearly about what happened with Finn Russell. In a video announcement which went out yesterday, he spoke about the events that led to the Scotland 10 being left out of the team.


Over the past few weeks, there has been much speculation about what happened in the Scotland camp. Finn Russell was left out of the Scotland team for the first two weeks of the Guinness Six Nations after a drama in the Scotland camp.

We have heard Finn Russell’s side of the story over the weekend as Russell told the media his side of things.

Here is the video that Gregor Townsend released today detailing exactly what happened in the Scotland camp.

We have to admit, Townsend has been very upfront and transparent about what has been going on. We think he may be in the right here.

Here is some of what he said…


“We strive to create an environment for players to be at their absolute best when playing for Scotland. To do that players must be aligned to the high standards of being involved in team sport at an elite level.

“These standards are set out through feedback from players and staff and are driven by the player leadership group or the head coach at varying times during a campaign.

“We have players who come from around a dozen different clubs and it’s really important they commit to an agreed standard of behaviour, which builds trust and is at the bedrock of a high-performance environment.

“These standards don’t change for one player, even if that’s not what they experience in their club setting.


“A really pleasing aspect of the last three weeks has been seeing the group commit to this high-performance standard, bond as a group of young men and show consistency and quality on the training field. They’ve been a pleasure to work with.