Guru explains the genius behind Australia's try against Boks
By Rugby Onslaught

Guru explains the genius behind Australia’s try against Boks

Australia scored some nice tries against the Springboks last Saturday in Adelaide, but the pick of the bunch was Fraser McReight’s in the second-half, which made use of one of rugby’s newest introductions.

Dave Rennie’s side exploited the goal-line drop out in what EK Rugby Analysis recently described as “the newest set-piece in rugby.”

In EK Rugby’s Analysis’ latest video they show how the Wallabies’ perfectly orchestrated this try from a drop out and perfectly executed it. McReight was the scorer, but there were plenty of cogs in the machine, which also relied on a smidgin of skullduggery from the flanker.

This is what was written in the video: “We often think of scrums or lineouts as the only set-pieces for ‘moves’ in rugby but as the Wallabies show here there’s other set pieces too. Let’s see how Australia do it.

“Play starts with a goal-line drop-out for the Boks. Steyn kicks long near the sideline. This makes it easier to predict where Australia attack next. The Wallabies have prepared for this however, with [Rob] Valentini set in midfield while Lolesio scans and calls the next play. As the forwards clear beyond the ruck, the pieces are now in place. Lots of options off this midfield ruck – the defence have to guess. In the Boks’ defensive system, the ‘A’ defender moves after 9 passes and ‘A-‘ fills the gap from the other side of the ruck. The Wallabies know this – McReight knows this – so he blocks Koch and Slipper slips Lolesio through. The devil is in the details! A brilliant orchestrated set-play from Lelesio and Co off the goal line drop-out.”

Take a look:

Both sides are set to go head to head again tomorrow in Sydney in round four of the Rugby Championship. The Boks will no doubt be wise to this move from the Wallabies.