High risk strategy could be a game changer for fullbacks against 113kg opponents
By Rugby Onslaught

High risk strategy could be a game changer for fullbacks against 113kg opponents

When the Manly Sea Eagles’ Haumole Olakau’atu smashed his way through three tackles on Saturday in the NRL and started charging towards the try line at full pelt, very few people on Earth would have wanted to find themself in the position of Newcastle Knights fullback Lachie Miller, who was stood in front of him and had the task of trying to stop him.

Fortunately for the 84kg fullback, he had a trick up his sleeve as the 113kg, 6ft 5in Tonga international was flying towards him. A trick so high risk that it can only really be used once in your entire career. That tactic is shape up as if you are covering to tackle the ball carrier, and then at the final second stand behind the try line and let the player score.

It looks strange, it looks hilarious and it does not help your team out in any way at all, but it is a revolutionary method to avoid tackling players 30kg heavier than you. The only trouble is, it can only be used once in your career. Any more than that and people will start to ask questions. Miller wisely chose to redeem his one opportunity on Saturday.

Of course, the fullback actually lost his bearings, and presumably thought the try line was actually the 10 metre or 20 metre line. But instead, he had the distinct appearance of a matador stepping aside to let a charging bull run past him. Then again, Olakau’atu at top speed would not be much worse than a bull. It was an honest mistake, but it is hard to know who was happier- Olakau’atu for scoring, or Miller for not having to tackle him.

Take a look at the try:

This was actually the opening try of an epic encounter, where the teams tied 32-32 after extra time.