The James Lowe interview that has shocked NZ in a good way
By Rugby Onslaught

The James Lowe interview that has shocked NZ in a good way

Imagine not being good enough to make the All Blacks and then end up beating them in a stormer of a match? Well, James Lowe is living that dream.

Having not been able to break into the All Blacks, in 2017 Lowe arrived at Leinster from the Super Rugby side the Chiefs, who reached the semi-finals of the southern hemisphere competition this year. Lowe played in 16 Super Rugby matches in his last year, scoring 11 tries.

After the Super Rugby season finished he competed in the New Zealand Provincial competition, the Mitre 10 Cup, helping the Tasman Makos to reach the final.

Earlier in the week Lowe said: “It’s obviously the country of my birth, where my family’s from, where I grew up, and where I learnt a lot of my trade,” said the former Maori All Blacks player.

“To have the opportunity now to potentially represent Ireland against them is something that is a challenge I knew was around the corner and a challenge that I can’t wait to put my best foot forward for.

“Some of my best friends are starters in that All Blacks team. I went to school with two or three of them, I played with a few of them when they were younger, and now they speak for themselves in the 15.

“The list goes on with the amount of people that helped me become a player through playing with them. And, mate, I can’t wait for next weekend.”

He was full of emotion after yesterday’s match.

“Never in a million years could I have thought this day would come!”

“Mate, it was huge. What you bo*****s always get on to me about [defence] I’ve been working on that for the last six months”

“I was dropped in February, I came back and I did what I told you I was going to do.”

Jim Hamilton wrote: “For everyone giving James Lowe shit for not mentioning Ireland in the post-match interview, I think this tackle speaks any words that you felt were missing.”

“He does the nuts and bolts side of his game really well and he also provided one of the seminal moments of the match.”

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