'One of the best I have ever seen'- Commentator loses his mind over offload
By Rugby Onslaught

‘One of the best I have ever seen’- Commentator loses his mind over offload

Not very often there is a piece of play on a rugby pitch that leaves the commentary team shrieking in excitement, but it is not very often that players are throwing one handed, behind the back miss passes.

Well that very pass happened on Thursday in the NRL, as the South Sydney Rabbitoh’s Latrell Mitchell pulled off a pass that sent the commentary team wild, and understandably so. With two Penrith Panthers tacklers grabbing hold of Mitchell, he was able to free up his left arm to flick the ball around the back of one of the tacklers to his winger Alex Johnston. To make matters harder, there was a player between him and Johnston, which meant a miss pass was required.

That’s a lot of information, so take a look at the offload here:

This was all part of an epic contest between the reigning NRL champions the Panthers and last season’s semi-finalists, with the Rabbitohs sneaking a 20-18 win at the death. The offload was not the only piece of magic Mitchell produced though, as he also scored two tries in his side’s victory.