Outrage among fans as South Africa varsity rugby team do their own haka
By Rugby Onslaught

Outrage among fans as South Africa varsity rugby team do their own haka

Rugby fans were outraged today as a South Africa varsity team appeared to do their own haka before a game last weekend.

Footage emerged this week showing the WSU rugby team performing the haka before a game in the Varsity Cup.

The Haka is something that is revered in New Zealand rugby, it is steeped in culture. It is one of the best things that the All Blacks rugby team is known for.

The footage was released showing the side performing their own haka on before the varsity cup match. The side have even named themselves WSU All Blacks on social media.

The response online has been electric to say the least.

Fans online were outraged with what they saw from this haka…

This is so wrong…Doesn’t make sense why SA rugby is now adopting New-Zeeland culture m,.a.y_10_

I’m not a fan of the all blacks, but this is 100% disrespecting them and their traditions. jaypowder24

Flippen ridiculous and disrespectful to say the least. Wonder if the captain even knows the meaning of that haka… awels__

Why not do some African warrior dance or something homegrown. This is down right disrespectful guys iby_allie

It is ‘n joke! Why in the bloody shit do you want to do the haka! Just shows that SA is ‘n copy and past country! drury_steven

We are sure that many fans will have some strong thoughts on this after the video emerged on social media this week.

South African with their culture and tradition should surely know to respect other teams and their culture, not do a haka like this?


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Rugby Onslaught has approached WSU Rugby for comment, but we have not yet received a response at this time.

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