Police set to investigate after English sports team ‘bullied’ for 80 minutes

Police are set to investigate after a touring English sports team was bullied mercilessly for 80 minutes during a visit to Scotland.

The England Rugby team – who were expecting an enjoyable trip to the Scottish capital of Edinburgh – were subjected to 80 minutes of bullying by a group of men calling themselves the Scottish Rugby team.

Instead of lying down as expected, the Scottish drubbed the tourists, who were left with significant injuries including bruises egos, badly damaged careers and several sore bottoms which were left with spanking marks.

A number of electrically heated trousers were also damaged, although it appears they may have been soiled by the player’s themselves.

The bullying was so well organised that it even involved a ‘referee’ from Wales who oversaw the violent and drawn out affair.

The tour organiser, a Mr Edward Jones, was said to be incandescent with rage. Footage of the incident below is not for the faint-hearted.

CREDIT: Six Nations

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