Refs told not to officiate SA games over Rassie's conduct
By Rugby Onslaught

Refs told not to officiate SA games over Rassie’s conduct

Referees are being told to stop officiating games involving South Africa in a bid to curtail mad Rassie Erasmus’ obsession with refereeing mistakes.

One thing is certain, Rassie can’t go with his videos without ramifications coming down the line,

Cardiff Rugby Life made the dire call the Twitter: “At this point the international referees panel should refuse to officiate games involving South Africa until World Rugby takes action against Rassie Erasmus. The pile-ons he has sparked from his weird cult members towards Nic Berry and now Wayne Barnes are simply unacceptable.”

Tim Percival wrote: “If you want to see the result of the poison that Rassie Erasmus’ video injected into the veins of rugby discourse, just take a look at rugby twitter now.”

Even peacemaker Paul Williams is getting fed up with the nonsense. “Must admit. I didn’t object to the first Rassie video. As I thought it was a one off and that would be that. That’s not how I feel now. Needs to stop. It’s causing more problems than it’ll ever solve.”

PA reporter Andrew Baldock said something very funny on the topic. “Rassie Erasmus is like the bloke in the pub who goes on and on and on. You pretend to listen, but really you are just debating in your head what flavour crisps to buy.”

Looking ahead at the Rugby World Cup that will be hosted in France next year, Nienaber said although France would be among the favourites, the competition was wide open.

“They (France) are certainly close to one of the favourites,” said Nienaber.

“The last game they lost was against Australia in 2021 and they have won 12 on the trot now. I don’t think there is any other team that has come close to that streak recently.

“That said, one could see by Italy’s win (against Australia earlier on Saturday) that there is a lot of competition in world rugby at the moment.”

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