Ronan O'Gara has already made genius positional switch for England's ex-Lion
By Rugby Onslaught

Ronan O’Gara has already made genius positional switch for England’s ex-Lion

La Rochelle have made a number of signings ahead of the new season as they seek to win a third Heineken Champions Cup in a row, with England’s Jack Nowell probably being the biggest transfer.

The winger has arrived from Exeter Chiefs, and brings with him 45-caps worth of experience for England and a further two caps for the British & Irish Lions in 2017.

Though Nowell might not have been on the French west coast for long, head coach Ronan O’Gara has already plotted a big move for the 30-year-old by switching him to outside centre. Now this is not exactly revolutionary as Nowell had experimented with this position before with Exeter, and even hinted at a complete switch to centre a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, it is interesting that O’Gara immediately sees Nowell as a centre rather than a winger.

The Englishman started in the No13 shirt on Wednesday as La Rochelle travelled to Bordeaux-Begles for a preseason match, winning 26-15.

This might need some getting used to:

Bordeaux-Begles XV
1. Jefferson POIROT
2. Maxime LAMOTHE
3. Carlü SADIE
4. Thomas JOLMES
6. Mahamadou DIABY
7. Raphael LAKAFIA
8. Marko GAZZOTI
9. Paul ABADIE
10. Zack HOLMES
11. Madosh TAMBWE
12. Ben TAPUAI
13. Nicolas DEPOORTERE
14. Mael MOUSTIN
15. Romain BUROS

16. Léo CHAUVIN 16
17. Ugo BONIFACE 17
18. Zaccharie AFFANE 18
19. Christopher VAOTOA 19
20. Romain GARDRAT 20
21. Antoine MIQUEL 21
22. Mateo GARCIA 22
23. Nans DUCUING 23
24. Tani VILI 24
25. Jean-Baptiste DUBIÉ 25
26. Pablo UBERTI 26
27. Arthur DUHAU 27

La Rochelle XV
1. Thierry PAIVA
2. Quentin LESPIAUCQ
3. Alexsandre KUNTELIA
4. Thomas LAVAULT
5. Ultan DILLANE
7. Judicaël CANCORIET
8. Matthias HADDAD
10. Ihaia WEST
11. Hoani BOSMORIN
12. Jules FAVRE
13. Jack NOWELL
15. Dillyn LEYDS