Rugby on the brink of chaos after Sexton meeting with football icon during ban
By Rugby Onslaught

Rugby on the brink of chaos after Sexton meeting with football icon during ban

There may only be a couple of months left of Johnny Sexton’s career in rugby, but they could well be a very painful couple of months for all involved, especially referees.

After picking up a three match ban recently for his infamous attack on referee Jaco Peyper after the Heineken Champions Cup final this year (which he was not playing in), the best course of action for Sexton was probably to go on some sort of wellbeing retreat to lower his blood pressure. Instead, he has found as many ways to cause trouble as possible.

Firstly, the Ireland captain has raised a few eyebrows by playing in a behind-closed-doors match against Portugal during his ban. This is not necessarily forbidden, but it is questionable behaviour. But what is worse is the company he has kept while being out in Portugal.

For probably the mouthiest player in international rugby over the last decade, the last person Sexton needed to rub shoulders with was his footballing counterpart, Roy Keane. The former Manchester United captain joined the Ireland team in Portugal this week, and we are terrified as to what the result of their meeting will produce.

Keane’s personality was defined by relentless determination, fierce competitiveness, and unwavering commitment to success. A natural leader, he exhibited a no-nonsense attitude, driving his teammates to give their all. Keane’s fiery temper and passionate demeanour often pushed him to the edge, reflecting his unyielding desire to win. His on-field persona blended exceptional skill with a warrior-like spirit, making him a formidable force in midfield and an iconic figure in football history. Many of these qualities are displayed by Sexton, but all referees are now fearing this new Sexton 2.0 that has been mentored by Keane. We can only spare a thought for all referees set to take charge of an Ireland match at the World Cup.

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