RO investigates: What triggered Versfeld brawl? More clips emerge
By Rugby Onslaught

RO investigates: What triggered Versfeld brawl? More clips emerge

Ah, the Springboks versus the Wallabies game at Loftus Versfeld in South Africa. A classic match marred by the excessive consumption of brandy and coke. Who knew those Springbok fans could get so rowdy and then take it out on each other with fists?

Today we bring you yet another video of the infamous brawl that took place at the end of the match. Because what better way to raise awareness than by sharing a video clip and lamenting the state of rugby fandom in South Africa?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. This new video showcases the unrivalled talent of fans shoving each other and throwing punches. Move aside NRL players, for these Bokkewors have truly perfected the art of the brawl. Their technique, grace, and precision punches are truly a sight to behold.

The video shows what triggered the fat colossus that whaled on his fellow Dutchmen. We think he may now be innocent. He may have been goaded by another man who told him to lay off the Boerwors and eat more “vegetables like chicken my friend”.

New footage shows the trigger point. In fact the fans seemed to hugging initially, if somewhat aggressively. Then, a passionate Bokke hero attempts to crowd-surf the melee, egging it on into new depths of depravity. There’s also some brave handbag swinging from one woman who was unsuccessfully trying to de-escalate the situation by swinging her Louis Vuitton at her fellow countryman.

Rugby Onslaught investigative unit believe that crowd surf guy may in fact have been an English fan in disguise and that the incident was part of an ellaborate false flag plot designed to sully the reputations of the Bokke masses.

In the wake of this incident, one brave soul declared that he would never return to Loftus. And who can blame him? The lack of security is truly astounding. How could anyone expect to attend a rugby match in SA with their children. We should all be able to take our wives and kiddies to a game without witnessing such barbaric displays of Dutch courage.

Rugby Onslaught, a beacon of investigative journalism, has personally experienced the “violence beyond belief” at South African Test matches. Clearly, this brawl is not an isolated incident but rather a reflection of the entire nation’s attitude towards rugby. Brace yourselves, folks, because those Springbok fans are out for blood.

So, let’s raise our glasses of brandy and coke in a toast to these valiant Dutchmen. May their punches forever remind us of the indomitable spirit of Bok fandom, and may we never forget that a South African Test match isn’t truly enjoyable unless they turn on each other and batter themselves senseless.

Note: The author does not condone violence or unruly behavior at sporting events. PS: What is the music playing in this clip?