So did Christian Wade make it in the NFL?
By Rugby Onslaught

So did Christian Wade make it in the NFL?

It is almost a year to the day when Christian Wade was lighting up the World’s rugby media with his touchdown-scoring magic in the NFL for the Buffalo Bills.

Rugby Onslaught thought it was worth asking the question, did Wade make it in the NFL?

The former Wasps man is now plying his trade for the Buffalo Bills in New York.

The running back, who made the switch from rugby in the middle of 2019, started very strongly for the men in blue and white, scoring touchdowns in both of his opening matches for the Bills.

The NFL mic’d him up on his first game which he scored an incredible touchdown. It made massive headlines in the UK with his performance.

The NFL made a video on his debut, it was a brilliant video to be fair.

Wade failed to make the 53-man roster for the team, and instead, he played in the pre-season squad this season. For a player who just moved over from a completely different sport.

Since then, he has gone slightly off the radar.

He is working hard to make the roster for this year’s NFL team. And if he doesn’t make it, what then for the former rugby player?

Christian Wade almost completely missed his NFL chance when he almost couldn’t get back into the US with COVID restrictions.

We have scraped online left right and centre trying to see more performances from him, but all we could find is footage of him playing in the popular Madden 20 game, where he was tearing it up!

They certainly got his speed in the game!

Coaches at the team described Wade as a “vibrant character” in the team. They also used buzzwords like he was a ‘positive player’.  This is all well and good, but where’s the cold hard highlight reels!

The short answer to the title of this article. Not yet.