Someone has amazingly worked out why Wales are BACK in world rugby
By Rugby Onslaught

Someone has amazingly worked out why Wales are BACK in world rugby

A rugby expert has managed to work out exactly if Wales are back in world rugby after their win over England in the Six Nations.

A brilliant rugby analysis channel called GDD coaching has managed to brilliantly work out how Wales Rugby has managed to come back from one of its darkest ever spells.

Geraint Davies has exploded on social media during the Six Nations with his brilliant analysis and coaching tips from world rugby. His recent videos on players such as Antoine Dupont and Mathieu Jalibert are getting thousands of views on social media every single day.

Much of the rugby community has been raving about his analysis of late, with many commenting on how groundbreaking it is for the detail that it has.

His recent video named “Are Wales Back? Have England Fallen off the Rails? Rugby Analysis – Wales v England Six Nations GDD” has already accumulated 11,000 views online and his channel is growing very fast.

The video goes into minute detail, examining how the men in red have used skill, planning and sheer luck to get themselves back to their best in the European competition.

The video also analyses what has gone wrong with England rugby as they have lost two games now in the Six Nations. Grant is also a host on the RugbyPass fan zone on YouTube, a show which gives rugby fans the opportunity to voice their opinions after rugby matches. His recent videos, giving reactions to games such as Wales versus England have garnered thousands of views since they were published.

Here is the brilliant new video that Geraint Davies has posted on the comeback of Wales rugby. Brilliant stuff!