South Africa fans in uproar after cheap shot on Siya Kolisi could end his season
By Rugby Onslaught

South Africa fans in uproar after cheap shot on Siya Kolisi could end his season

South African fans are fuming after a cheap on Siya Kolisi could end his whole season.

The Stormers put in a fantastic performance against the Hurricanes in their opening Super Rugby fixture today to end the first half 19-0 up after some brilliant performances from their backs in particular young scrum-half Herchel Jantjies…

The young scrum-half scored a sublime try in the first half to put his team ahead…

There was some grave news for South Africans and Stormers fans, however, as Springbok legend and captain Siya Kolisi limped off the field after a late hit on him from a Stormers player.

The South African 6, who played 8 in this match, limped off late in the second half after the cheap shot, and he did not look good at all as he gestured to his heavily strapped leg following the hit.

Concern was raised about the state of Siya Kolisi after this hit on him…

siya kolisi

Followers of the Stormers and South Africa also voiced their concerns online when they saw their exceptional leader trudging off of the pitch midway in the first half.

Some were not too pleased with the hit either.

Footage emerged of the horrendous late hit on Siya Kolisi, there were claims coming into the match that the Hurricanes players were out to get the South Africa captain due to the impact that he would have on the game for the Stormers.

Kolisi was pictured in a knee brace directly after this hit and he could be out of the game for weeks if not months.

Here are two angles of the cheap shot.

You can clearly see a dropped shoulder from the Hurricanes player here with no intention to wrap the arms.

This was an Owen Farrell hit!

Could this end his season before it has even started?

Siya Kolisi recently committed his future to the men in Blue, but if he is out for an extended period, might he even not be available for the Springboks?