Springbok back row brutally manhandles 70kg No9
By Rugby Onslaught

Springbok back row brutally manhandles 70kg No9

It is only when you are being held upside down by your legs that you know you have been manhandled quite spectacularly on a rugby pitch.

Unfortunately for Green Rockets Tokatsu scrum-half Tatsuya Fujii, he suffered that indignity on Sunday against Shizuoka Blue Revs in Japan Rugby League One.

Fortunately for the 70kg scrum-half it was at the hands of a World Cup winning flanker, South Africa’s Kwagga Smith, which does soften the blow slightly, but he did get some pretty shoddy treatment nevertheless.

It came in the second half when the substitute scrum half thought there was a bit of space on the Blue Revs’ defence. Smith closed that space down, scragging the No9 to the ground. That was fine. However, the Bok then rolled back to his feet, picked up Fujii and proceeded to carry him into touch. Fujii was actually able to keep the ball in play, but this actually led to a turnover and a try.

Take a look:

This was all part of a pretty special game from the No8, who also scored the first try of the match. That try came from close range from the back of a scrum, but he proved to be a thorn in the side of the Green Rockets’ defence all match as his side came away 21-0 winners.

This was the try:

The win means the Blue Revs sit in ninth place in the league while the Green Rockets sit in eleventh, one place from bottom. Blue Revs face bottom place Hanazono Kintetsu Liners this Sunday, while the Green Rockets face league leaders Saitama Wild Knights.

Smith came off the bench in South Africa’s most recent match, a 27-13 win over England at Twickenham in November, which actually spelled the end of Eddie Jones’ seven year stint in charge of England.