Springboks fans cope overload after devastating loss
By Rugby Onslaught

Springboks fans cope overload after devastating loss

Outside the Stade de France, a sea of green and gold-clad Springboks fans fumed with frustration after witnessing their beloved team’s loss to Ireland in Pool B of the Rugby World Cup. The air was thick with disappointment – nearly as thick as the average Bok supporter – as fans gathered for interviews with RugbyPass, their emotions laid bare for the world to see.

Anger boiled beneath the surface as they dissected the game. Many fans believed that Handre Pollard’s absence, due to injury, had been the critical factor in the loss. They were convinced that Pollard’s precision kicking could have turned the tide in South Africa’s favor, especially in the tense final moments when Manie Libbok, his replacement, missed a crucial penalty kick.

The disappointment was palpable, etched into the faces of the fans. They had traveled from afar, pouring their hopes and dreams into this tournament, only to see their team stumble. The cope was real, and the Springbok faithful were struggling to come to terms with the loss.

Yet, amidst the anger and frustration, there was a shared determination. These fans, like their team, were resilient. They pledged their unwavering support, vowing to rally behind the Springboks in the challenges that lay ahead. They believed that redemption was still possible, and their faith in their team burned brighter than ever.

“It was a tough test match. It was physical,” said Eben Etzebeth after the game, after getting ragdolled by James Lowe. “That was like playing a play-off game. We have one more [pool] game left. We have Tonga, that is the main focus now and after that the knock-out starts so I’m looking forward to that.

“We have Tonga, we still have to win that game and then France have obviously got Italy. So there are still a few games that need to happen so we’ll probably play France or New Zealand. I am excited for either one of them.”

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