Strange scenes as ex France lock calls out Nigel Owens 15 years after Euro Final
By Rugby Onslaught

Strange scenes as ex France lock calls out Nigel Owens 15 years after Euro Final

A worrying trend in rugby in rugby seems to be the abuse that referees receive, be it from players on the pitch, fans online, or bizarrely directors of rugby (we all know the one). But former France international Gregory Lamboley might have reached a new level of Internet trolling and pettiness this week.

The 14-cap France international and Toulouse legend recently called out referee Nigel Owens for a decision he made in the Heineken Cup final 15, yes 15, years ago as Toulouse lost to Munster.

The incident concerns interference at the lineout, where the Toulouse players inveighed that Paul O’Connell had dragged Lamboley down. However, Owens said that it was his “own man” that caused the problem.

The Frenchman wrote on Twitter: “Dear Nigel Owens was there a fault on the Line out???” To which Owens responded: “If you’re not going to like the answer then don’t ask the question. Own man as mentioned so no offence taken place.” 

Lamboley then bit back once again, writing: “Because I have my point of view and I know I was hooked by the arm. But there’s no problem, it was 15 years ago, it’s just an anecdote because it was the first time I saw the game again.”

This exchange, although extremely bizarre, was not really malicious, and to be fair to Lamboley, he might actually have a point. Paul O’Connell’s does certainly seem to interfere with Lamboley while he is in midair in the lineout.

While Lamboley says that he cannot change history now, it was obviously a crucial point in the match with Munster leading 16-13 with under two minutes to go in a match they held on to win. Toulouse would give away a penalty a few phases later which would ultimately seal the match, but a penalty to them would have allowed them to possibly kick at goal or at least kick to the corner. But that is all history, and probably not worth bringing up on Twitter 15 years later.

Take a look at the exchange: