The cruellest try saving tackle of all time
By Rugby Onslaught

The cruellest try saving tackle of all time

Madagascar’s Veronique Rasoanekena would have thought she had done it- scoring her country’s first ever try at the World Cup Sevens in Cape Town last weekend, and there was no better side to do it against.

Up against eventual champions Australia,  Rasoanekena sniped through a gap in their defence at the breakdown in her own half, and looked clear with 20 metres to go. But out of nowhere, Australia’s Maddison Levi was able to deny her over the line, producing one of the best try saving tackles you will ever see.

There was only one way this tackle was going to be successful, and it required dislodging the ball from the carrier’s hand, because anything less would have still seen the try scored as it was that close to the line. But Levi was able to do that, forcing the ball out of Rasoanekena’s hand over the line, leaving the Madagascan looking distraught while her teammates celebrated on the bench.

This was all on the way to Australia winning the match 48-0, so the try was not going to affect the scoreline too much. Madagascar did get their first ever try the following day though, with Jinah Kelly Razanamahefa scoring against China. Take a look:

Here was the try saving tackle: