The English trait the rest of the rugby world are truly sick of
By Rugby Onslaught

The English trait the rest of the rugby world are truly sick of

When Sir Clive Woodward is writing articles criticising some of the England team’s antics, it is probably time they made some different life choices.

The former England coach, who is one more starry-eyed article after an England hammering away from donning a mini-skirt and pom poms on the Twickenham sideline, went after Steve Borthwick’s side this week in his Daily Mail column for something that has irked the rugby world for quite some time. That is their animated celebrations throughout the match.

Knock-ons, penalties and not straight lineouts (which were bountiful at Twickenham by Wales) are all met by the same whooping and hollering as if England scored a try. If it has irritated Woodward, just imagine how the rest of the world feel.

Former Springboks assistant coach Swys de Bruin launched a similar tirade on SuperSport after the match, but he is certainly not on his own.

While England’s style of play (or lack of) is nothing for anyone to cheer about, the fact that England were down to 12 men at one point against Wales and still managed to win was worthy of celebrating. Then again, this happened throughout the match and throughout every England match.

The key to living a good life is to enjoy the little things, and seeing as the big things -playing well and winning matches- seem a distant memory for England, maybe the odd penalty or turnover here and there is all Borthwick’s side have to live for. It does not look so bad when they go on to win a match, but screaming with joy after a French knock-on when they are staring down the barrel of their biggest ever loss at Twickenham, as they did in March, looks ridiculous.

Like most things though, the more people complain the more England are going to keep doing it as half the reason behind it is to get under the skin of their opponents.

If anyone wants some evidence of this behaviour, Jared Wright has compiled a video of England’s overexcited celebrating in the Wales match alone.

Take a look: