The freak natural occurrence that couldn't even save the Chiefs' win streak
By Rugby Onslaught

The freak natural occurrence that couldn’t even save the Chiefs’ win streak

When you are in form, as the Chiefs very much were heading into their Super Rugby Pacific clash with the Reds on Friday, everything seems to go your way, even the weather.

Now we are not saying that the Chiefs have the ability to control the elements, but it did look like that on Friday at Yarrow Stadium, and it may help understand why they went into the match unbeaten this season. This particular moment came in the first half following a George Blake try. With the scores tied at 5-5, the conversion looked like a formality for Lawson Creighton, as it was basically under the posts.

However, just as Creighton was about to kick the ball, it fell off its tee, presumably due to a gust of wind or maybe that pesky gravity. As he had started his run up to kick the ball, the Chiefs were well within their rights to try and charge the kick down, and subsequently pick the ball up themselves if it had not been kicked. This very rarely happens in rugby, and it looked as though it was going to be very costly as it meant the sides were level rather than the Reds having a two point lead.

Despite this missed opportunity for two points, and the nagging worry that the Chiefs have the ability to control the weather, the Reds stuck in the fight, and held a three point lead heading into the final play of the match. They then pulled of a display of heroic defence for 27 phases in their own 22 to repel the Chiefs well past the 80th minute and in doing so inflicting a first loss of the season upon the Super Rugby leaders, coming away with a 25-22 win. Despite the loss, the Chiefs still remain at the top of the ladder.

Take a look at the ‘missed’ conversion: