The scrum half for Racing 92 has just thrown the most disgusting pass of the century
By Rugby Onslaught

The scrum half for Racing 92 has just thrown the most disgusting pass of the century

This pass was disgusting. To have the nerve to throw a pass like this, even when you have an advantage is pure arrogance. We love it!

Racing 92 and Munster battled in Paris today to see who would be on top in the Champions Cup pool. The game, as expected was a tightly fought affair, but this score from Teddy Thomas was simply on another level.

The pass came from Racing’s scrum-half called Teddy Iribaren, and the pass is similar to one we remember a French 9 doing in the noughties. We can’t remember the name of the player but this was just like it.

The Parisian team were awarded a penalty advantage in the match and Iribaren saw the opportunity to throw a rather unorthodox pass.

This pass was disgusting…


The pass was from his right hand and he didn’t even look, the ball threw 25 metres out to Teddy Thomas on the wing who just had to run it in to finish off the try.

People online were raving about the pass saying…

  • Not the first French scrum-half I’ve seen throw a pass like that. Jean-Baptiste Elissalde used to be great at them, and remember Baptiste Serin doing one on his own line. Can’t remember many that set up a try like Iribaren here though. That was unreal… – Paul Eddison
  • That’s a knock on everyday of the week by Vakatawa, unbelievable skill by Iribaren for the pass but from where Vakatawa first touches it to where the ball lands it’s clearly forward! Feel for @Munsterrugby with that decision – Andy Goode 
  • This three-man backhand misspass from Teddy Iribaren is exactly the kind of thing you dream of doing as a kid but never actually try because it’s so ridiculous. – Louis Dore

Here is a video of the pass, there is another video below if you can’t view the first video…

Other video of the pass…