This one-in-a-million try is guaranteed never to be seen again
By Rugby Onslaught

This one-in-a-million try is guaranteed never to be seen again

There are some moments on a rugby pitch that are so freakish and wild that fans can say with a fair degree of confidence that it will never be seen again. One of those moments came in France’s second division on Thursday.

In a ProD2 clash at Colomiers’ Stade Michel Bendichou against Mont-de-Marsan, the visitors’ flanker Aurelien Lisena pulled off a trick so outrageous that he can attempt it again a million times and it will never work out as perfectly as it did.

It all started with a high bomb cross field which the No7 was set to chase. After realising that he was not going to be able to catch the ball after reaching out a hand, Lisena opted for Plan B, which was to volley the ball with the outside of his right boot just before it landed in touch, all while remaining in the field of play himself.

The old adage of always playing to the whistle rang true again, as the Colomiers players opted for passionate gesticulations for a knock-on and being in touch rather than chasing Lisena, who ran in for an easy try in the opening minutes of the match. Mont-de-Marsan came away with a 26-23 win, which lifted them to second place in the league.

Take a look at the try: