This was surely the worst TMO error of all time
By Rugby Onslaught

This was surely the worst TMO error of all time

If you are a Tasman player, you would have every right to be pretty confused and upset at the moment given a try that was awarded against them this week.

Up against Wellington at Trafalgar Park on Wednesday, Tasman saw fullback Connor Garden-Bachop score a try against them which would not be awarded 99 times out of 100. Maybe even 999 times out of 1,000.

Garden-Bachop produced a neat one-handed finish in the corner, although it would have been more impressive if his other hand was not being used to soften his landing… from about a foot out of touch. Here is an image of the ball being placed down and it is hard to believe that it was ever given.

It is understandable that a try like this might be given in real time, but it went to the TMO and was still allowed. That is very strange indeed.

The try was not converted, and Wellington had a penalty advantage at this point in front of the posts, so it was going to be three points anyway. So in truth, this was only a two point advantage for Wellington in a match they won 25-19. Then again, it would still be annoying to concede this. Take a look at the ‘try’: