TJ Perenara clashes with his own fans in wake of Argentina loss
By Rugby Onslaught

TJ Perenara clashes with his own fans in wake of Argentina loss

All Black star TJ Perenara has clashed with his own fans after he responded to a tweet by a former All Black commentator. The commentator was commenting on male players crying in the sport.

The Hurricanes 9 called out the legendary broadcaster Keith Quinn after he made comments saying sportsmen needed to ‘harden up’ rather then show their emotions in the sport.

The tweet received widespread condemnation from the rugby public, which then led Quinn to apologise for his message.

Perenara took it one step further however, saying that he should remove his original tweet.

This response from the All Blacks player led some All Blacks fans to go after him, however.

One fan was not happy at all with him saying that he has more pressing things, like his team’s first loss to Argentina this weekend.

Many rugby fans in New Zealand will, of course, be unhappy after the team had back to back losses for the first time in decades.

Perenara argued back with the fan, saying this comes before rugby and that the fan should address his values.

All is not well with New Zealand rugby after this loss to Argentina and it is starting to show!