Top 14 produces undoubtedly the strangest end to a match of all time
By Rugby Onslaught

Top 14 produces undoubtedly the strangest end to a match of all time

There are not many moments, if any, where almost all 30 players on the pitch are celebrating, but the Top 14 managed to find a way on Sunday.

As Biarritz lined up for an attacking five metre lineout at home against La Rochelle at the Parc des Sports d’Aguilera in the final play of the game, no one saw what was going to happen next.

Fortunately for all Biarritz fans, hooker François Da Ros was able to dot down to secure the win and lift his side off the bottom of the Top 14 table. Equally, La Rochelle scrum-half Tawera Kerr-Barlow was able to retrieve the ball and kick it out to secure the win and move his side into the top six in the league. How can this happen? Well the answer is simple, a mysterious ball entered the field of play to fool all players concerned and produce one of the strangest ends of a game ever.

Take a look:

After this debacle, the referee decided to award Biarritz with a scrum, which they subsequently scored from. This means after all the drama they did indeed secure the win and move themselves from the foot of the Top 14 table, where three-time European champions Toulon now lie.

1 J. Cronin
2 B. Soury
3 G. Nutsubidze
4 K. Gimeno
5 J. Tyrell
6 D. O’Callaghan
7 M. Hirigoyen
8 J. Dyer
9 K. Aurrekoetxea
10 B. Herron
11 S. Barry
12 F. Saili
13 T. Kuridrani
14 G. Stark
15 R. Lonca

20 J. Jonas
22 V. Martin
21 G. Bosch
23 Q. Samaran
17 B. Erdocio
18 A. Erbani
19 S. Armitage
16 F. Da Ros

La Rochelle
1 D. Priso
2 P. Bourgarit
3 J. Sclavi
4 R. Sazy
5 R. Picquette
6 W. Liebenberg
7 P. Boudehent
8 V. Vito
9 T. Kerr-Barlow
10 I. West
11 P. Boudehent
12 J. Favre
13 J. Sinzelle
14 D. Leyds
15 B. Dulin

23 R. Herrera
19 M. Tanguy
22 P. Popelin
16 F. Bosch
17 L. Aouf
18 T. Lavault
21 R. Buliruarua
20 T. Berjon